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I’m mad that I didn’t go, but there always a next time. ANYWAY go and check out @creative_mopster newest videos & subscribe to his channel

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"I’m so attracted, to the way you carry yourself
And keep your composure
You a lady in the street
But behind closed doors you’re a fucking soldier.”

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Haven’t been on in forever…..

Hello followers. How are you guys :)

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I am not a morning person. But Merry Christmas everybody♥

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All I want to go is put gas >:( so stop blocking me! #cops #fuckingtheirdailyroutine #footpatrol #wehavesomegreatneighborhoodwatch #1time #fuckthepolice #hoodproblems - @xovannnuh- #webstagram

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Movie night? I guess so :) #Disneymovies #childhood #comedymovie #sundaynight (Taken with Instagram)

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No Love - Lil Scrappy [FT.Tocarra] 

As featured on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 

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Aaliyah | More Than A Woman EP (23:24)

Remastered this 9 track EP into one whole audio. I was also inspired to edit this for Aaliyah’s 11th year death anniversary. Enjoy fellow Aaliyah fans. :)

01. Intro
02. Miss You
03. Four Page Letter
04. One In A Million
05. Interlude #1 
06. One I Gave My Heart To
07. Undercover
08. Outro
09. Don’t Wanna

Download here:

Instagram: @justinancheta
-Justin (fuckyeahslowjams)

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